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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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creating legacy business registry the only comments will make sure that we're not overhead per strip to should senate of the businesses supervisor farrell and i were talking about businesses that we're trying to help because they serve our recipe for thirty years or more like childcare or shooting centers on that provide important services not listed here again, our next phase or as a full board we can come up with a way to categorize them so thank you very much. >> okay. so i think that we have a plan a number of amendments by supervisor campos and what i think we have 0 commitment to work with our offices between now and the
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right definition so hopefully it is something we'll support before we make any motions we'll turn it over to 0 budget analyst report. >> marine and anybody's of the committee as i understand the proposed amendments will result ♪ piece of protective having no fiscal impact and consider this is a policy matter for the board of supervisors >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues if no questions any public comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed. >> can you have a motion to accept this item as amended. >> we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk call item 2. >> a resolution retroactively
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for the defendant's counsel to enter into the department of transportation to accept a grant of one medium and one shuttle vehicle for the period of october 12th to 25 and mr. facing from the dph. >> can i have the overview. >> you can if you want to. >> i'll give an of explaining we've applied for a grant 5310 and the grant is administered by the california department of transportation in california we seek to procure two class b medium sized vehicle and one class a shuttle vehicle to
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transport our staff and visitors and residents between the laguna hospital campus and public transportation stations nearby and also transport residents on community sgrargs housing to services located into the community actually, it's no funds being grant the procurement will be in the vehicles themselves. >> okay. great thank you very much. >> colleagues if in questions question have no budget analyst report we'll move on to public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> okay. a motion that they supervisor mar to send this item forward and we'll take that without objection. thank you very much madam clerk call item 3. >> item 3 a resolution authorizing the general manager of the sfpuc to execute the
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water embrace improvement funded agreement through the tracey water construction management services with hd r engineering with a total amount not to exceed $18 million. >> we have a gentleman from our puc. >> i'm the director for the water improvement program appreciate the opportunity to be here before we get to that item next slide please thank you. i appreciate the opportunity to give a brief update on the water system improvement program and dovetail this item so next slide so the overall water system improvement program is 4 portfolio $765 billion we are in
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our 13th year we celebrated 10 years of construction last year well into the promising program but have a ways to go currently we have 14 projects in construction worth $205 billion if you go towards the bottom of the slide we have two projects remaining of the 8 percent 2 worth $72 million we've completed projects at the end of 2013 we are that 80 percent complete with the entire program at the end of 2014 we are 85 percent we're making good progress on budget and schedule onion by the end of 2016 all projects except 3 in the program will be complete and achieved 93
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percent and the total 0 program will be completed in 2019 we have a number of achievement to report about a year ago and i mentioned the 10 year celebration of construction in fact at the reservoir it is the last project to finish was a program was the venue we celebrated this and it was a great opportunity to celebrate our partners labor with our contractors and city staff working together to chief what we've achieved today and another significant agreement we've signed a project operating agreement with our partners in san bruno as well as cal water to offer the recovery project we are here to ask for fund and we're going to start construction in a couple of
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months we've completed the alameda creek it is a significant project we've placed into service a number of projects the one is the bay tunnel i'll talk about that one it is a 5 mild tunnel underneath san francisco bay area and it is sybil increasing the reliability and seismic sustainability we've completed one hundred and 76 shutdowns to date it is a significant mooilsz e milestone the risk comes down it is likened to a 747 worked on we have to deliver water to our 2.6 million customers while we're doing the upgrades and
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schematic improvements we have not had one disruption we've completed the service or in that 3 of the our 44 projects by the end of this year we'll be at 90 percent in terms of the goals and have a schematic system is where he a safety record in fact finished 7.3 million workers hours one way or the other without a safety i am talking about we have a work safely approach the industry rates is less than half the industry action and is where he a pressed rowles reels that commiserated our work this represents some of the key programs meaning the highest
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quality hetch hetchy water $167 million across the state to the san francisco bay area the bay and the 3 major earthquakes within the bay area and as you can see our system crows all the major faults so it is critical we get those projects in place as quickly as possible with a race against time to get those done to insure the reliable delivery serve to our 2.6 million consumers the projects are complete and those are in progress as you can see there are if you projects left to really make that goal and as i said, the tunnel even though it's not entirely complete with construction it's no service if you go, go to the next slide i want to show we celebrated that milestone last fall on the
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overview of the loma linda earthquake and this is the delivery of the first hetch hetchy to the reservoir we celebrated the delivery of hetch hetchy coming through the tunnel at the same location so we are excited about increasing the level of service next slide the last major challenge is preschool u truly the project you've heard about this project i want to say a couple of things we'vees aviated more than 6 million pounds of soil this is the last one to complete i've mentioned in previous meeting two incidents landslides we needed to repair to make place for a dam we're 65 percent complete and i'll be coming back
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in about a month to ask for your powerful e approving to extend our project to today's item we're asking for construction management services amendment to an agreement with hd r engineering this is to support two of our critical project see harry water upgrade we need to have the constituting shut down milestone to maintain this during construction this next slide shows did counter state of the harry treatment plant and in helps to enhance the delivery we've made significant seismic upgrade we'll have dna's delays
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in our construction needs and the last slide here is the peninsula the seismic upgrades to insure we have at seismic upgrade we like building on the peninsula this year 5 sites we've lick if i did the soil to insure a strong pipeline in this area didn't the request is to approve all the time one to c s one with hd r engineering to increase the amount to exceed 18 millions not a change to the duration this allows us to continue with the construction and bring this critical project into service so i'll be pleased to take any questions. >> thank you very much colleagues, we have a budget analyst any questions or comments before then supervisor
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christensen and supervisor mar. >> thank you, mr. wade it helps to know we're on budget and schedule as well and the great work of the puc i just wanted to say i'm totally in support because of public interest given the most attention on one of the maintenance planners martin sauna in the reservoir i'm wondering how the puc is addressing this i know this is a teeny or maybe insignificant portion of the whole water system improvement project but i know it's o of public interest. >> i'm not directly involved in that and not met mr. sean's r skaunz about mr. san she is has been suspended without pay and
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that is not acceptable and made clear i can also say what's been recorded in the media there's no public health issue that as raw water reservoir and he a that water is treated b.a. before it gets to the users. >> mr. rose to our report. >> supervisor christensen and others on page 89 or 9 we report the subject 9 millions to the agreement with hd r engineering will come from savings in other water system improvement projects within the peninsula region we note table 2 that reflects the cast orders not to exceed $18 million on page 9 we recommend you approve that resolution. >> thank you any other questions or comments from colleagues seeing none open
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this up to public comment any public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> marking call the next item. >> i'm sorry. >> i move to approve. >> sorry item 3 we have a motion from supervisor mar to forward this out with a positive recommendation we'll take that without objection. it is moved to the full board and item 4 we're joined by supervisor christensen. >> thank you. >> excuse me. mr. star madam chair would you like me to call 4 authorizing the rec and park department to apply for a related grant from the department of housing and economic go not to exceed $3 million for park and recreation facilities. >> thank you supervisor christensen. >> thank you, colleagues for the opportunity to comment last week he introduced a resolution for rec and park department to
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apply for the housing retired grants it was based on the amount of low affordable housing for 2010 to 2014 we get additional bonus dollars in the parks and communities are deficit community $035 million that are available for this funding round in our case the mayor's office of housing and the rec and park has identified the project for which their applying and all of those projects are located in sdaunld community i'm particularly interested in the projects there's the ones in district 3 but projects on market street at wide memorial in the mission and a at balboa balboa i think any state dollars will be fund for
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numerous projects and hope for you for your support. >> okay. thank you supervisor colleagues any questions or comments okay. at this time open this up to public comment seeing none, public is closed we don't have a budget analyst report so a motion to send this item forward. >> okay. from supervisor tang with a positive recommendation colleagues real quick i had to step out for item 3 quickly can i have a motion we'll take that without objection. arrest and then if we could madam clerk we could do a new motion to approve item 3 can i have a motion workman's compensation. >> okay madam clerk item 5 a resolution authorizing the tax
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collectors to collect on default properties. >> well. >> good morning the item is a resolution to authorize the tax collector to sell tax adult properties and a at auction 90 percent are timeshares and vacated lots should some are underwater it's a dwelling their auctioned off because the taxpayer may rove the property at 5:00 p.m. before the auction starts in all in favor, signify by i all the lots were redeemed prior to action the tax auction is an important tool to insure the compliance with property tax that is funding for local schools and community college and roads please noted we asked
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for a your permission for an auction last year, we didn't hold one but will precede this year i have one amendment that can be adapted by motion when we submitted the list 6 hundred and 11 parcels now down to 4 hundred plus i ask your motion to file an amendment to change line 19 to 644. >> thanks very much colleagues quells at this point. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you very much i know this is more a policy discussion beyond the scope of this but empty lots is there anything that the controller's office is trying to he'd that issue i would say the time shares and the empty lots and many are
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falling off the list. >> timeshares are particularly hard to collect on because of issues and finding the folks and convincing it is worth their while to pay the tax and not walk away so for parcels there are people living in if the unit we have sheriff's go out and notice them you can image if you go a week or year and have not pate our property tax in some time it is pretty hard to find them we go do a whole bunch of noticing at the time innovate in their interest. >> he the second question you mentioned the auction was not held in 2011. >> it was made in the
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treasurers office we have to comply with the office when a lot is a number of years in default we had to auction we didn't hadn't hit that last year so we held over to this year. >> colleagues seeing none more questions anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> move the amendment recommended by staff. >> okay. so it motion to accept the motion as as is accept the line item we'll take that without objection. >> thank you very much madam clerk call item 6. >> item 6 a resolution declaring the intent of the area to reinforce are certainly expenditures authorizing the director of the mayor's office of housing and community development to submittal a police station with the
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allocation committee to permit the ownerships of the revenue bond needing 2 hundred millions. >> thank you very much we have the mayor's office of housing and joined by supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much i appreciate it it colleagues i have a few things i want to talk with you about item 6 thank you for allowing me to join this committee this morning the project that is proposed for 1601 mariposa street is controversial and almost two years been working on this project with the neighbors to dpaem in a dialog how to shape this project so that state benefits the community i've articulated some things to city staff and have that i have with moving this project forward with the attorney fee are a actions related to this project
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i was speaking with the mayor's office as well as the project sponsor this is a project that is currently 200 undergoing an environmental review and the draft eir was issued in december and public comment was taken at the planning commission in late january project has many months of entitlements and community discussion ahead of it i don't know what the end project is going to look like once it's the process has come to completion but typically attorney fee are a action come before us after a project is tiled or after ceqa clearance has been issued this is not the case here so what i'm doing is quite a few calling a red flag on the process and issues i've got concerns this action by the board of supervisors to apply for bond financing sends the wrong
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message to the public we're prejew the merits of this project and by passing the tire ceqa project i know you identify with any concerns at this time i want to ask the city attorney to share wasn't you've told me mr. gibner. >> sure john gibner deputy city attorney under the stalling the city must complete whatever level of review required under ceqa before committing the city to a type of that action this particular resolution is not requiring the environmental review it will be completed before the board or so any other city body takes that kind of approval action so you are not committing the city to this
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project you're only approving the first step of laughing the financing to move forward with the first steps of bond and the environmental review will be before the project comes back to you for approval action. >> a little bit out of sync he's basically saying that's legal if i can translate that i've had a few conversations with the project sponsor about how serious they're in pursuing a project that has 20 percent of affordable housing on site proposal they've insured me they're absolutely complete to 20 percent on site and given little crisis that we're in for housing this is softened any position if this project is we don't know if it will be or what density i'd
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like to see i want to see as much of affordable housing as possible not only on this particular project site but a future one i've stated to the mayor's office of housing but i want to publicly reiterate i don't think it is appropriate for us to be taking acts prior to the at this time or ceqa coverage i don't know if the mayor's office of housing oh, they have a representative i'm going to speak to you for a moment in the future if missouri is going to consider approaching this deal maybe mow and the project sponsor can do a better job of thinking out loud the timeline for those bonds emancipation proclamation documents because i'm insure this is not the last time you will encounter this this sends a message to the public it is important to be
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respectful of the people we serve because on the south eastern corridor the pressure of all the development all at once is hard to pear bear i want to make sure we have integrity with the process to continue to work on fire chief projects so colleagues i don't know yet if i'll be able to support this if it comes to the full board of supervisors but it's important to consider those suggestions i've raised and understand the issues i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. and andrea is my person you can reach out for more insight i ask if this passed out of committee without a recommendation. >> thank you supervisor cowen why don't we turn it over to the
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mayor's office of housing. >> thank you. good morning supervisors and chairman farrell john senior project sponsor with the mayor's office of housing the resolution before you will authorize the application to the california debt allocation committee for bond procedures to pay for the demonstration cost of a new construction of approximately 3 hundred and 20 units of multi fascinates at 16801 mariposa the demonstration sponsor a subsidy of national companies with affordable and market rate housing the general partner and managing entity has not been selected and will be reviewed and approved by the mayor's office of housing and committee development as part of the city's due diligence process proposed project will have
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approximately 3 hundred and 20 housing unit with 50 percent of area medium income of the city's limit those transmissions are conduit financing that don't require the city to pledge re repayment of the bonds we will first quarter if awarded an allocation we'll return to the board of supervisors to get approval to issue sometime in the spring of 2016 here with me today is susan smart of related california and she is available to answer any questions you motive have we appreciated our support and this ends staffs presentation i'm available if you have additional questions. >> thank you very much colleagues any questions at this
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point in time okay. we'll open this up to public comment anybody wishes to comment on item number 6 seeing none, public comment is closed i want to thank the mayor's office of housing and supervisor cowen's comments we have a sympathetic disinjunctive of the nature compared to the 0 neighborhood paralyze if needs to get out of committee today we are going to maintain our state funding here so supervisor mar if you have comments but with supervisor cowen's comments if we can send this out of committee and that's any suggestion. >> supervisor mar. >> i'm supportive of the suggestions from our colleagues supervisor cowen but i did want to emphasize the importance of project and the 64 units that are blow